Marc Spizzirri

Marc Spizzirri

About Marc Spizzirri

Marc Spizzirri is the Senior Managing Director for B. Riley Advisory (formerly GlassRatner), with over four decades of experience across industries such as retail automotive, education, film, and commercial real estate. Spizzirri holds a Bachelor of Science in Law from the University of Pittsburgh and a JD from Thomas Jefferson College of Law. While his education is certainly an asset in the context of handling business logistics in an effective and ethical manner, he maintains that his vast experience is what truly separates him from others within the industries he contributes to.

Marc Spizzirri is well known for his ability to leverage his past experiences with logistics such as M&A transactions, business turnarounds, and business development. Spizzirri’s inherent knowledge of multiple industries make him a valuable leader and asset to any professional team. He has notable experience facilitating growth through all stages of a business’s development and has built a strong foundation for assisting companies with expansion, adaption, and growth. In a time where strong businesses across the board have experienced difficulties due to the changes spurred by the COVID-19, Marc Spizzirri’s skillset enables him to quickly acknowledge what changes are necessary to continue business operations remain as optimal as possible.

There is a consistent demand for executives that can see eye to eye with those that they are responsible for leading, and Marc Spizzirri notes that his comprehensive work history includes learning about the retail automotive industry by getting in at the ground-level. To this point, Spizzirri has worked in every department on his path towards achieving the position of general manager, automotive group president, and owner of franchised dealerships.

After his transition to management roles in 1987, Marc Spizzirri would eventually own seven franchised automotive dealerships, an internationally recognized classic car dealership, and two motorcycle franchises for a combined annual sale revenue of $400 million. The path to this position included accolades such as President’s and Chairman’s Awards, Ernst and Young “ Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist, recipient of the Passkey’s “Ethics in Business” award as well as multiple quintessential board member positions.  Marc is the founder of two thriving private Catholic schools in Orange County, California. His work with Charitable organizations has brought him commendations from political leaders including Governors, Mayors, Senate and Congressional members as well as local community leaders.

In between his successes within the automotive industry and his tenure at B. Riley Advisors, Spizzirri worked as the President/Owner of a consulting business. The consulting space was the perfect place to utilize skills that he learned over his time in the automotive industry. Businesses of all sizes, types, and industries typically have a similar goal in the context of establishing a foundation that ensures their financial success. Spizzirri notably helped companies with areas such as mediation and conflict resolution, corporate culture building, and facilitation of business development strategy to reach financial and operational milestones.

Marc Spizzirri recognizes that many businesses recognize the need for advisors to help them with their management of financial goals and navigating the complexities of creating value for each sector involved in the process. Marc Spizzirri knows the importance of sharing what one has learned for the benefit of future industry leaders, and it is his hope that his blog can serve as a resource for individuals that wish to examine the complexities of the financial planning sector more in depth.